We have been catering for private and corporate events and decided that it was time for us to officially launch as caterers. We develop custom menus based on your event theme and food requirement's. Whatever your needs are we’ll be there for you, looking after all aspects of your special day, food, setting and service, you can hand it all over to us and focus on the most important part, entertaining your guests! For your special event, contact Sonia and Hayet at Sonia@llscafe.com, we’ll be delighted to look after you. 


Sometimes, you just need the food. We got you! LLS have been since the beginning, organizing food to be picked up or delivered, ready to eat. Just drop us an email here at Sonia@llscafe.com with you requirements, numbers and dates and we’ll put it together for you to pick up. We can of course drop it off as well in London. 



A birthday cake? or even your wedding cake! Yes we can do it - LLS cakes are known for their uniqueness. We make Plant-based cakes, and they are also gluten-free. We do so because a cake should be inclusive and loved by all regardless of diet and intolerances. Being also sugar free, only means that you're left with a beautiful creation full of flavours. email us here at Sonia@llscafe.com